Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Centre of Excellence

TOSCOE represents a steadily increasing number of individuals who share a passionate interest in raising awareness of thoracic outlet syndrome, improving its diagnosis and treatment. TOSCOE's headquarters are in Bristol, UK.
TOSCOE's aim is not to censure but to help develop improved resources to diagnose and treat what, to date, has been a largely neglected condition, due mainly to a lack of appreciation of its various aetiologies.
TOSCOE's objective is to coalesce the most credible national and international diagnostic and surgical resources to:
*Raise awareness of the condition at all levels;
*Stimulate dialogue and learning;
*Bring relief to UK TOS sufferers

Dear Delegates,

It is with great pleasure that I warmly welcome you, and our distinguished speakers, to this unique Masterclass.

For decades the existence, diagnosis and treatment of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (TOS), particularly its neurogenic sub-type has been debated in many countries. It’s notable that the first multi authored text book on TOS, which went some way to settling this debate, was published as recently as 2013, by Illig et al. This was followed in 2016 by the publication of new definitions, diagnostic methods and reporting standards within the Journal of Vascular Surgery.

Building on this foundation in the UK, we meet together for the first time in one place in this unique Masterclass, to hear leaders in the field, and from a patient, a highly regarded plastic surgeon and sculptor, who brings a unique perspective and depth of understanding to a condition on which this Masterclass seeks to shed light.

On behalf of all of us who have a passionate interest in TOS, I thank the speakers, who have unhesitatingly agreed to be here, and travelled great distances to share their knowledge, skills and experience, to increase awareness of TOS, it’s accurate diagnosis and successful treatment. I believe that this will be the first of many events to raise awareness and to create centres of excellence for the diagnosis and treatment of TOS.

I look forward to meeting you all.

Louis Shakinovsky
Chairman TOSCOE

Dear Delegates,

It is with enormous pleasure I welcome you to this masterclass, dedicated to the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of this often controversial, poorly understood and confusing syndrome.

We are here today in this city, “standing on the shoulders” of those who walked the streets of Manchester one hundred years ago, studying the industrial workers, to understand and treat a condition that at the time was known as “The Cervical Rib Syndrome”. The race to explain the causes of cervico-brachial pain syndromes was intensely run here in Manchester, up until the late 1940s, after which interest in and publications on the subject slowed down in the UK.

Our speakers today will present the most up to date understanding of thoracic outlet syndrome and multi-disciplinary management of what we now recognise as three distinct entities, neurogenic, venous and arterial TOS, which sometimes co-exist. The subjects will range through basic science, conservative care, surgery and post-operative management. It’s a packed programme which I’m sure will be informative and stimulating.

Of the thousands of patients who look to us, seeking a diagnosis of their upper limb pain syndrome, who are on the merry-go-round of spinal, orthopaedic, rheumatological, neurological, vascular and pain clinics, many fall through the gap between specialities, and find themselves with a diagnosis of non-specific arm pain, repetitive strain injury, functional pathology or chronic pain. I hope that the knowledge gained today will help us “mind the gap”, so that we can confidently select, accurately diagnose and successfully treat patients with a thoracic outlet syndrome.

I hope you enjoy the day.

Rob Patterson
Programme Director

Masterclass Programme - Tuesday, 26th November

The Cherington Practice: TOS

The last Masterclass was very successful and oversubscribed
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